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Believe it or not, there is such a thing as good stress. Everyone in deals with stress in Lake Villa IL during their day. Stress is the same physical response that activates the fight or flight response or may be what pushes you to meet a deadline. The key to stress is to limit the amount that you experience and how you handle it. Just like talking or going for a run to manage stress, a subluxation is your body's way of managing stress.

Types of Stress in Lake Villa IL

There are three different types of stress: physical, mental, and chemical. All three types can have physical consequences and lead to subluxations. The resulting subluxation has the potential to lead to obvious or less obvious physical ailments.

Physical Stress

Physical stress can be further broken down. There is stress caused by repetitive movements like mowing the lawn or painting a ceiling. Physical distortion is also a large contributor to stress on the body like bad posture, falling asleep with your neck twisted, or lifting with your back. An accident causes a significant amount of stress, usually in a matter of seconds, like a car accident or a fall. Physical stress starts at birth with birth itself being physically traumatic. All the traumas lead to subluxations throughout the spine and probably some level of pain or discomfort. These subluxations can lead to nervous system impartment which has hidden side effects. When I say hidden, I don't mean that you can't see, feel, or find them but rather overlooked.

Mental Stress

Most people because so stressed from work, a relationship, or school that they can become physically ill but it doesn't stop there. Pay attention to the posture of someone that is depressed or "on the end". These forms of emotional and mental stress lead to paying behaviors such as bad posture, bad eating habits, anxiety, headaches, irritability, and an increased likelihood to develop illnesses such as colds and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Chemical Stress

The most overlooked type of stress that our body endures is chemical stress. Our body is being assaulted by chemical stress on a daily basis. There are some of these chemicals that are not in our control like pollen and allergens. Although there are many toxins that we ingest on a daily basis that are within our complete control such as preservatives in food, tobacco, alcohol, medication, and other drugs. When these toxins get ingested they can affect our nervous system and muscle tone. Most of these toxins get stored in blood, fat, or muscle.

When enduring these types of stress on a daily basis, your body's way of minimizing pain and trauma is to offset the bad with a subluxation. By receiving regular chiropractic care, you can remove and prevent subluxations allowing your body to achieve a wellness state.

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